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  • In the evening, enjoy a beautiful sunset on the long beach of Agadir.
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    In the evening, enjoy a beautiful sunset on the long beach of Agadir.

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Arguably the most important tourist destination in Morocco, Agadir is located roughly halfway down the country's Atlantic coast and is its biggest port. A historic city, Agadir was all but destroyed in 1960 by a huge earthquake and was subsequently rebuilt, as a result, losig much of its former charm. Today the city, much larger than it was before the disaster in terms of size and population, is essentially one big holiday resort with hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops serving a growing tourist populaiton who flock here in huge numbers for its long beach, year-round good weather and affordable prices. There is very little in the way of culture in the 'new' Agadir, and its hotels are on the whole pretty poor, but if you are looking for a cheap place to come for rest and relaxation then it is difficult to beat Agadir.

Agadir: what to do?

Most people come to Agadir to lie on the beach and fill themselves up on buffet food as, to be honest, there is not a whole lot else to do here. The main activities are water-based sports and you can find pretty much every type at the numerous centres at hotels, on the waterfront promenade or at the beach. There are also a number of thalassotherapy centres across the city where you can go and get revitalising treatments. Otherwise, many people take a stroll along the waterfront around sunset and eat ice cream and other snacks before dinner.

Although rebuilt pretty much from scratch from 1960, no real effort was made to create anything worth visiting. The most prominent attraction is the old kasbah on top of the dmoinating hill behind the main resort. Dating back from 1540 when it was built to defend the city from the Portuguese, very little is left today but you can still drive or walk (with lots of water) to the top and look down on the city.
Otherwise there are just three main points of interest in the city itself. The first is the Jardin de Olhão, named atfer the Portuguese city with which Agadir is twinned, it has a small history museum. The fishing port, the most important in Morocco is an impressive sight. Next to the main port is a hall where, early in the morning, much of the coty's buying and selling happens and there is even a stand installed inside for visitors to watch the furious bidding wars. Outside there are other vendors selling to individuals. The final attraction worth seeing, especially if you are travelling with children, is the Vallée des Oiseaux, which unites an aviary, a zoo and kid's playground.

  • The long sandy beaches
  • The variety of watersports and sporting activities
  • Very affordable, especially in the low season
  • Limited cultural interest
  • The area behind the first row of hotels is a building site
  • Poor quality of hotels

Agadir: what to visit?



Most breaks to Agadir are in the form of package holidays, with most major tour operators selling the resort. A large number of smaller and specialised outfits also offer Agadir all year round thanks to its fine weather. But if you wanted to put together your own itinerary then there are flights from several major UK cities. You might also want to consider how long you want to stay in Agadir. If you simply want to do nothing for a week or so and lie on the beach then you are in the right place. But if you are looking for culture and high-end restaurants then this is not the place for you. In this latter case, Agadir could serve as a nice place to recuperate for a few days after having travelled around the country, although even then, there are nicer places to do so such as Essaouira.
As with any resort, remember to apply sun screen regularly and not be to fooled by the cooling effect of the wind - just becuase you cannot feel the heat it does not mean that you are not going to be burned! Always make sure you are protected from the sun with a hat and long-sleeved clothing.

To avoid

Although the city's tourists are mainly European, you must not forget that you are still in a Muslim country. Whilst in town, make sure you are dressed modestly, especially as a female. Similarly, whilst bathing on the beach, avoid doing so topless. It is not recommended to talk politics either and certaily not to mention the king in public.
Also to avoid, if possible, is the peak season. During the off-season prices will be significantly cheaper and there will be fewer people around, allowing for a more relaxing break.

Agadir: what to eat?

Despite its size and appeal to foreign toursist, Agadir is not a place to come for top quality cuisine. Most of its restaurants are at best mediocre and serve a lot of Western food. There are only a handful of genuinely good restaurants, amongst them SO GOOD at the Sofitel Royalbay.
There are several specialities from the largely Berber region. One of these is baddaz, a cousous dish made with corn semolina, often with fish. Tajines, arguably the most famous Moroccan dish known outside the country, is actually a Berber invention and so is very popular in these parts. Finally, try and find some amlou a spreadbale paste made from toasted almonds and argan oil.

Agadir: what to buy?

In terms of bringing gifts back home you will not be short of choice. The best place to go is the El Had souk; or market, one of the country's largest, located in a huge park surrounded by crenellated walls. You can find a huge variety of products here, including industrial, agricultural and artisanal. All the leather goods and carpets are made on-site, while you can also find jewellery and pottery from elsewhere in the country. But the market is also of the food variety and as well as vegetables and fruit you may also be able to find some spices that you might like to bring home to jazz up your recipes. For oils, head to Argamine for quality-assured products.
Another place to buy artisinal souvenirs is the medina, although prices here tend to be higher and it is a less vibrant place to be.
Remember that when shopping, bargaining os all part of the game. As a general rule, divide the starting price by three and then go from there, trying not to insult the merchants by offering too little - after all they are also trying to make a living.

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