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Central Morocco : Discover the country's culture



-"This Blinding Absence of Light" by Tahar ben Jelloun.
-"The Sand Child" and "The Sacred night" by Tahar Ben Jelloun.
-"With Downcast Eyes" by Tahar Ben Jelloun.
-"Children of The Narrow Streets" by Abdelhak Serhane.

-"Three Kings" by Ignace Dalle.
-"Leaving" by Tahar Ben Jelloun. 2006
-"Living in Morocco" by Lisl and Landt Dennis.
-"The Art of Moroccan Ceramics", by Dr Sijelmassi.
-"Living in Morocco" by Barbara Stoeltie.


Lonely Planet-Morocco


Artist: Ahouach Megouna.

Central Morocco : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

681:start of the conquest of Morocco by the Arabs who Islamised the country.
788: founding of the Idrissid dynasty.
1061: the Almoravid dynasty united the Maghreb and Andalusia under the reign of Youssef ben Tachfin, founder of Marrakech.
1130: the Almohad dynasty.
1258: the Merinid dynasty.
1554: the Saadian dynasty.
1664: the Alaouite dynasty.
1906: beginning of the French occupation of Morocco which became a protectorate six years later.
1927: accession of Mohammed V to the throne.
1956: independence of the country.
1961: accession of Hassan II to the throne.
1971: the new constitution was adopted by referendum.
1975: the Green March.
1998: Abderrahmane Youssoufi, Socialist Prime Minister headed the country.
1999: death of Hassan II. His son, Mohammed VI, takes over, and works to make the country more politically open.

Central Morocco : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January:
New Year's Day.
10 January:
First mouharram

Roses Festival in El-Kelaâ M'Gouna, the rose garden village in Dadès Valley. Dances and parades in a flurry of flower petals. 1st May:
Labour Day.
30 July:
Feast of the Throne.
14 August:
Allegiance of Oued Eddahab.
20 August:
Anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people.
21 August:
Youth Day. September:
Engagement Day or Moussem of engagements in Imilchil, a village near Dadès Valley. Traditionally, young people get engaged on the day of Moussem which is a five-day ceremony with henna, the consent of future spouses, a tribe of married couples, and song and dance.
Date festival in Erfoud in Ziz Valley. A joyful and colourful celebration in honour of the date which grows on the region's million palm trees.

18 November:
Independence Day.

Muslim feasts follow the lunar calendar. Dates vary every year. To estimate them, take away 11 days from one year to the other
22nd August 2009:
start of Ramadan.

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