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Morocco: life and culture



-"This Blinding Absence of Light" by Tahar ben Jelloun.
-"The Sand Child" and "The Sacred night" by Tahar Ben Jelloun.
-"With Downcast Eyes" by Tahar Ben Jelloun.
-"Children of The Narrow Streets" by Abdelhak Serhane.

-"Three Kings" by Ignace Dalle.
-"Leaving" by Tahar Ben Jelloun. 2006
-"Living in Morocco" by Lisl and Landt Dennis.
-"The Art of Moroccan Ceramics", by Dr Sijelmassi.
-"Living in Morocco" by Barbara Stoeltie.

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"Lawrence of Arabia" by David Lean.

"A Tea in The Sahara" by B. Bertolucci.
"The Great Journey" by Ismaïl Ferroukhi. 2004
"Tenja" by Hassan Legzouli. 2004
"The Black Room" by Hassan Benjelloun


Artist: Ahouach Megouna.

Morocco: discover the country's history


681:start of the conquest of Morocco by the Arabs who Islamised the country.
788: founding of the Idrissid dynasty.
1061: the Almoravid dynasty united the Maghreb and Andalusia under the reign of Youssef ben Tachfin, founder of Marrakech.
1130: the Almohad dynasty.
1258: the Merinid dynasty.
1554: the Saadian dynasty.
1664: the Alaouite dynasty.
1906: beginning of the French occupation of Morocco which became a protectorate six years later.
1927: accession of Mohammed V to the throne.
1956: independence of the country.
1961: accession of Hassan II to the throne.
1971: the new constitution was adopted by referendum.
1975: the Green March.
1998: Abderrahmane Youssoufi, Socialist Prime Minister headed the country.
1999: death of Hassan II. His son, Mohammed VI, takes over, and works to make the country more politically open.

Morocco: celebrations and events

Bank holidays and national celebrations

1st January:
New Year's Day.
10 January:
First mouharram

Roses Festival in El-Kelaâ M'Gouna, the rose garden village in Dadès Valley. Dances and parades in a flurry of flower petals. 1st May:
Labour Day.
30 July:
Feast of the Throne.
14 August:
Allegiance of Oued Eddahab.
20 August:
Anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people.
21 August:
Youth Day. September:
Engagement Day or Moussem of engagements in Imilchil, a village near Dadès Valley. Traditionally, young people get engaged on the day of Moussem which is a five-day ceremony with henna, the consent of future spouses, a tribe of married couples, and song and dance.
Date festival in Erfoud in Ziz Valley. A joyful and colourful celebration in honour of the date which grows on the region's million palm trees.

18 November:
Independence Day.

Muslim feasts follow the lunar calendar. Dates vary every year. To estimate them, take away 11 days from one year to the other
22nd August 2009:
start of Ramadan.
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