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Over 6,500 varieties of flowers thrive in Nepal. Offerings and ceremony necklaces are embellished with magnolia, jasmine, camellia, wallflowers and hibiscus. The blooming jacaranda, flamboyant and red flower simal, very widespread in Terai, make it worth going to Nepal in the spring time. In the gorges of the Himalaya and under the humid jungle vaulting, over a 100 species of orchids bloom. The most beautiful are gathered in Godavari royal botanical garden (valley of Kathmandu), who also displays an impressive fern collection. If you want to see the sublime rhododendron forests (it is the national tree), you must go to Shivapuri, at the gates of Kathmandu. As for the gigantic pipal and its heart-shaped leaves, and the banyan, with roots hanging from the branches, they are both brought to the rank of sacred trees: Buddha supposedly received the illumination under the foliage of one of them.

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    The flora in Nepal

    Steppe vegetation in Nepal. In the Nepalese region of Mustang, there is a great tradition surrounding medicinal plants

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