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New Zealand : Discover the country's culture


Photography books
Landscapes of New Zealand, by Warren Jacobs and Jill Worrall.

Novels, essays and short stories
The Garden Party, by Katherine Mansfield.
An indiscreet journey, by Katherine Mansfield.


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New Zealand (Eyewitness Travel Guides).
Australia and New Zealand Gap Pack: The Ultimate Guide to Your Working Holiday (Gap Pack).

New Zealand : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

Around the 12th Century, the first Polynesian settlers arrive in New Zealand.
In the 16th Century, Portuguese and Spanish ships sail along the coasts on reconnaissance.
In 1642, Dutch Tasman lands and names the country after his home province.
In 1769, James Cook arrives and declares New Zealand a possession of the British crown.
In 1840, the Waitangi treaty is signed by the Maori chiefs and Queen Victoria. It unites New Zealand to the British empire.
During the second half of the 19th century, conflicts between European settlers and Maori tribes take place.
In 1907, New Zealand becomes one of the Crown's dominions, with an autonomous government.
In 1947, the country enters the Commonwealth.
In 1984, David Lange is at the head of the government.

In 1989, Labour party Geoffrey Palmer becomes Prime Minister.
In 1990, Catherine Tizard is General Governer and Jim Bolger, Prime Minister.
In October 1993, Jim Bolger's national party wins the general election by a narrow margin.
In December 1997, the national party is in power with Jenny Shipley at its head.

New Zealand : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st.
New Year's Day.
End of January
Auckland Folk Festival.
February 6th.
Waitangi Day (National Holiday commemorating the Treaty signed by the Maori and the British in 1840).
New Zealand International Arts Festival (every other year).
Early March
Sheep shearing competition in Hamilton.
Good Friday.
April 25th
New Zealand's soldiers' Day.
May 1st
Rotorua marathon.
Early June
Queen's birthday (first Monday in June).
From end of June to early July
Queenstown winter festival.
End of October
Labour Day (last Monday in October).
December 25th.
Christmas Day.
December 26th.
Boxing Day.

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