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'What the book?' 5 funny, controversial or just random travel ads
Posted on 06/03/2015

HumourUnited Kingdom

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TRAVEL ADS: After Booking.com's recent ad becomes the second-most complained about of all time, we take a look at a few other travel ads that have turned heads.

Booking.com's latest ad became the second-most complained about of all time, for using "book" in the place of a certain four-letter word - in everything from "you got it booking right" to "look at that booking view". Despite the controversy, it was cleared by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Thorne Travel: Just, what?

Ayrshire travel agency Thorne Travel got plenty of attention for its over-the-top music, choreography and random non-sequiturs - from giant Micky Mouses appearing out of nowhere to a man in a dress doing a backflip (at 2.00). What is all of this fuss about again?

Thailand: Stalk - *er herm* follow - your dreams

Thailand's recent ad promotional ad has been widely condemned for making light of, and even encouraging, stalking. In this short film, an American comes to "mend his broken heart" and begins to follow a Thai woman's Instagram account as she travels around the country. When he finally finds her, love blossoms. As well as sending a somewhat dangerous message about cyber-stalking, it is quite frankly so badly acted and cheesy it makes you squirm.

Virgin Holidays: A taste of Mexico, via the UK

This Virgin Holiday's ad for Mexico features a slightly funny, slightly creepy monologue from a very English bartender who doesn't seem to know any more Spanish than "taco" and "margarita". We're not entirely convinced this makes you any keener to go to Mexico than before - certainly not if he's going to be around.

Las Vegas: What happens here, stays here

Few ads have had as much influence on the English lexicon in recent years as Las Vegas' iconic "What happens here, stays here" campaign. The long list of ads all play on the theme - if you head to Vegas, you may be in for more than you expect.

And finally: "Hidden Guests" at Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Booking.com: "It doesn't get any booking better than this"