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10 amazing cities that attract the most youth
Posted on 03/07/2018


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Have you ever wondered what really pushes young people to go abroad? A famous apartment rental site conducted a study that reviewed 110 international cities. The study focused on four key factors; employment opportunities, living comfort, tolerance and entertainment. This is how they ranked from 1-10.

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  • Berlin

    First on the list is Berlin which has become an amazing place to live in over the years. Affordable housing, 24-hour nightlife and a dynamic economy, the capital of Germany is "the place to be" when you are young!

  • Montréal

    Montréal is an ideal landmark for the French and English who wish to venture out.

  • London

    London takes the 3rd spot on this list. The city boasts a large amount of startup companies and a booming youthful population that manage these developing companies.

  • Amsterdam

    The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, stands out from the rest of the cities on this list with its rather tranquil and calm lifestyle.

  • Toronto

    Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is famous for being unique and liberal. This popular city is open to immigration and has a large LGBT community.


In sociology, the youth is a reference to the time between childhood and adulthood. But let's be honest, youth is a state of mind. Friends, parties, working and being open-minded are just some of the most important criteria needed to settle into a new city.