10 Christmas travel faux pas!
Posted on 06/12/2017

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From forgetting to bring a gift to majorly over packing, we've compiled a list of 10 Christmas travel faux-pas to avoid in order to not only survive but also enjoy travelling during the holiday season!

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  • Losing your cool
    Losing your cool

    Christmas is an extremely busy time of year with millions of us rushing here there and everywhere in the lead up to the big day. In the travel world, this equates to chaos. Undoubtedly it will be easy to become frustrated with the never-ending traffic jams, long airport queues and likely delays and disruptions. But remember, everyone is in the same boat, so keep your cool and don't lose your temper; the last thing you want is to be labelled as the Christmas Grinch!

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  • Turning up empty handed
    Turning up empty handed

    It's all too easy to get distracted by Christmas travel plans and focus solely on the journey ahead. But whatever you do, don't turn up to your destination empty handed, especially if family and friends are putting you up over the festive period. Our top tip is to always come bearing gifts when travelling during the holiday season. We're not talking about gold, frankincense and myrrh, more a nice bottle of wine or box of chocolates; these will usually do the trick.

  • Over packing
    Over packing

    Put simply, excess luggage is a hindrance when flying during the busiest time of the year. At Christmastime there is a tendency to over pack and stuff bags with numerous presents and copious amounts of warm, wooly clothing. If you're travelling by plane this festive season or indeed by any mode of transportation, try where possible to pack light! You don't want to be that one person holding up the queue at baggage check-in because your suitcase exceeds the allowance. Our advice: take a light carry-on bag; there's less chance of your belongings getting lost, and you'll have a speedier exit from the airport and onwards to your final destination.

  • Cutting it fine
    Cutting it fine

    Tardiness and cutting it fine are simply out of the question when it comes to Christmas travel. Whilst it is more than easy to get caught up in the surrounding festive spirit, this shouldn't excuse a momentary lapse in understanding the concept of time. Being late for boarding a plane for example, means every other passenger's travel plans are subsequently delayed. So do keep a close eye on the time and don't commit that most frowned upon faux-pas of turning up horrendously late!

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  • Making a spontaneous arrival
    Making a spontaneous arrival

    Surprising loved ones by travelling home this Christmas can seem like a very thoughtful gesture, but perhaps not always the most thought through of ideas. If your festive travel plans include a spontaneous arrival, perhaps it's time to reconsider. It's best to let friends and family know exactly when you'll be arriving to avoid any miscommunication, mix-ups or potential embarrassment. You'll be able to plan your journey much more efficiently and your hosts will actually be prepared for another mouth to feed.

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Avoid these rookie mistakes and you're guaranteed a stress-free Christmas travel experience!