Proof that the world is a truly incredible place
Posted on 02/01/2018


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From Indonesia to Mexico, via Greenland, our world is packed full of natural wonders. They will leave you open-mouthed, inspire you to travel the world and, most importantly, give you a new-found respect for Mother Nature.

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  • Mexico's migration of monarch butterflies
    Mexico's migration of monarch butterflies

    Every year, huge numbers of monarch butterflies make the 3000-mile journey from Canada to Mexico to spend the winter in a state of semi-hibernation in the trees of the Sierra Chincua. It has been called one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world, with one migration cycle involving roughly five generations.


There really is no end to the natural wonders our planet holds. From unexplained flocks of starlings in the English skies to multi-coloured eucalyptus bark in the Philippines, there's a whole host of incredible phenomena that we don't truly understand...