16 views that will make you want to visit Ireland


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It's so close, yet so far.... This little island is just a ferry journey away and has some of the most incredible views that the world has to offer so it's worth packing a small bag and checking out the Emerald Isle.

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  • 1. Giant's Causeway
    1. Giant's Causeway
  • 2. Skellig Islands
    2. Skellig Islands
  • 3. Dublin
    3. Dublin
  • 4. Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal
    4. Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal
  • 5. Connemara
    5. Connemara

Ireland is a small island that unsurprisingly attracts people from all over the world due to its incredible view and fun-loving attitude. Despite it being so close we have realised that we do not take enough advantage of the glorious isle that is chock-a-block with stunning views and interesting places.


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Rosalind Leech
Posted on 08/01/2016 1526 shares
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