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17 reasons why we love Germany
Posted on 10/04/2016


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The German tourist board thinks that its fairytale villages and stunning natural scenary are the reason for the ever growing number of Britons holidaying there. Here is a different take why we all secretly love Germany so much...

Capital of Fun
Berlin has emerged as one of greatest clubbing destinations on the planet and the most "fun" city on Earth according to a 2014 ranking!

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

The world's best nightclub
Berghain in Berlin is widely regarded by dance music revellers as the best club in the world. Good luck getting in though...

The "Mad" King's fairytale castles
"Mad" King Ludwig had such a passion for building fairytale castles in extraordinary places that in the end he was declared insane. However his magnificent legacy lives on, most famously at Neuschwanstein.

This almighty booze-up in Munich is by no means the only place to consume Germany's excellent array of light, dark and wheat beers. All over the land you can down your sorrows with some of the worlds finest brews.

They invented the Christmas market
Just as the English pub can never be reproduced abroad, Christmas markets will never be done right outside of Germany. There's a traditional magic to them that is sure to reduce any punters to childish excitement.

Body confidence
The German people are surprisingly relaxed when it comes to baring their bodies. A 2014 survey suggested that some 28 per cent has sunbathed in the nude on the beach, compared with just 12 per cent of Britons.

Autobahn lack of speed limits
As Germany is known for its many flawless car manufacturers, why not rent a Porsche or Mercedes-Benz and shoot down the speed-limit-free autobahns... the only true way to experience this part of German culture.

Weird museums
There is an onion museum in Weimar, a gnome museum on the fringes of the Thuringian Forest, and a museum in Berlin dedicated to currywurst.

Other quirky attractions
One of these is the Heidelberg Tun; an enormous wine vat that sits within the cellars of Heidelberg Castle and has a capacity of 219,000 litres - that is a staggering 292,000 bottles of wine!

Football culture
Not only is Bayern Munich one of the best teams in the world, their national team are sure to go into the upcoming Euro 2016 as favourites. Best of all is their attitude towards the fans. Tickets are affordable and supporters literally own the clubs. You can also enjoy a pint in the stands. Cheers.

Musical heritage
Fatherland to the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner its rich musical heritage is maintained in the form of annual festivals and some of the finest opera houses and concert halls in the world.

Soaring mountains
In addition to its industrial heartlands and cities, Germany is also a country of great mountains and some wonderful lakes.

The land of Dachshunds
The canine hipster accessory par excellence.

It's deep, dark, mysterious forests explain why this is the birthplace of the fairytale. It's most famous are of course the world-reknowned Brothers Grimm.

A 24-hour metro
While Londoners are still waiting for a 24-hour Tube network to run, Berlin's has been running smoothly since 2003.

Proper pub opening hours
Many bars operate "open end" policies with regards to opening hours, meaning they close when the last punter is ready to leave. Much better than in UK where pubs are forced to kick everyone onto the street soon after 11pm.

300 types of bread and a lot of sausage
German cuisine often gets a bad press but no-one can deny their extraordinary variation and rich creativity in baking, from dark rye to richly seeded and wholegrain breads and, of course, pretzels.

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