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The world's best desserts and where to eat them
Posted on 04/12/2016


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There is a reason The Great British Bake Off has become the most watched television show in the UK. The world has gone crazy for sweet, sweet desserts. And here are its best.

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  • Crème Brûlée, France
    Crème Brûlée, France

    The exact origin of crème brûlée has sparked a debate as fiery as the blowtorch that gives it both its name and its crunchy caramel crown. France, England and Spain all claim to have invented this exquisite dish. However, most attribute it to François Massialot, a cook at Versailles; and where better to sample fine cuisine that at the majestic palace in a country synonymous with culinary class.

  • Dadar Gulung, Indonesia
    Dadar Gulung, Indonesia

    This sweet rolled coconut pancake is synonymous with Indonesia, although it can also be found in Malaysia. For the most authentic of dadars, those in the know will tell you to head to any street market on the beautiful island of Java.

  • Apple Pie, USA
    Apple Pie, USA

    The first apple pie recipe may well have been written in Britain, but there's no denying that the champions of this particular sweet are the Americans. If you fancy feeling as 'American as Apple Pie', New York City is the destination for you, with a range of pie shops to satisfy you at every meal for a month.

  • Baklava, Turkey
    Baklava, Turkey

    The history of baklava is not well documented, but it is believed this fabulous pudding dates back as far as Roman times. The oldest similar recipe has been attributed to the 2nd century BC, which is truly staggering. It is a testament to its sumptuous simplicity that it has stood such a test of time. Characteristic of the former Ottoman Empire, the best place to get your hands on these sugary squares is in the endless local bakeries of the empire's ancient capital, Istanbul.

  • Gelato, Italy
    Gelato, Italy

    "I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream" - the title of a jazz song from 1927, and also the reality of anyone with functional tastebuds on a tour of Italy. Once you have sampled Italian gelato, ice cream as it should be, nothing else will ever make the grade again. In the height of summer, in a Florentine square, take your pick and thank us after.


Food is a wonderful lens through which to see the world, so why not hop from place to place sampling the wonderfully rich variety of cuisines across this diverse planet. Try the traditional Baklava for a taste of Turkey that isn't a leftover sandwich after Thanksgiving; sample Italian ice cream as it was meant to be in Florence. These puddings are a window into the distinct and delicious culinary exploits of the countries from which they hail.

Disclaimer: after you read this article, we take no responsibility from your inevitable and impending weight gains. Don't worry, you're not alone.

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