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20 places to feel some of that waterfall magic
Posted on 01/01/2018


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The often-quoted lyrics may tell you not to go chasing waterfalls, but once you've seen these incredible precipices you won't be able to help yourself.

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  • Multnomah Falls, United States of America
    Multnomah Falls, United States of America

    Just a 30-minute drive from Portland, Oregon, the roaring Multnomah Falls crashes a spectacular 611 feet into the pool at its base. Standing on Benson Bridge, which straddles the cascade, you get a perfect view up to the summit and a real sense of just how powerful the water is.

  • Gullfoss, Iceland
    Gullfoss, Iceland

    In Iceland's south-western region stands the 32m high double waterfall of Gullfoss. Here, the Hvita River thunders over two drops, almost at right angles to each other, to create one of Iceland's most spectacular natural scenes. On a sunny day, look out for rainbows forming in the giant plumes of spray rising from its base.

  • Detian Falls, Vietnam
    Detian Falls, Vietnam

    Straddling the border between China and Vietnam, these gorgeous falls cascade in stages from the forested hills above to the tranquil pool at their base. The thundering effect of the water hitting the rocks can be heard from a great distance, especially in the rainy season.

  • Mealt Falls, Scotland
    Mealt Falls, Scotland

    Fed by nearby Mealt Loch, the Mealt Falls on the Isle of Skye plummet 180 feet from the top of the cliffs to the sea below. A rare sight to see a cascade fall straight into the sea, this fall is made all the better by the surrounding beauty of the Inner Hebrides.

  • Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho
    Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho

    This picture-perfect waterfall is located in the Southern African country of Lesotho. Standing at a towering 650 feet tall, Maletsunyane Falls tumbles from a ledge of basalt before proceeding down a lush, green valley. It's a popular abseiling spot, holding the title for 'highest commercially operated abseil in the world.'


Watching tons of water cascade down steep mountain sides is a magical experience. Despite showcasing the awesome power of nature it is still somehow peaceful, allowing us to admire it while simultaneously being lulled in to a state of complete peace.