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23 pictures that prove you should visit Northumberland
Posted on 07/03/2016 22 shares

EnvironmentUnited Kingdom

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From fairy-tale castles to private beaches, there really is no where like Northumberland. But if you need a little more convincing, look no further than these irresistible photos...

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  • Dunstanburgh castle
    Dunstanburgh castle
  • Bamburgh
  • Berwick border bridge
    Berwick border bridge
  • Treehouse in the Alnwick Gardens
    Treehouse in the Alnwick Gardens
  • Hadrian's Wall
    Hadrian's Wall

As England's most northern county, Northumberland has a rich history. In this remote spot of Albion, you'll find everything from national parks and castles, to dazzling islands and Harry Potter filming locations.

The area is very sparsely populated, meaning that its wild interior and dramatic coastal beauty go largely unexplored by the masses. Those who do venture into its rural clutches will find unparalleled scenery that has inspired artists and writers, including Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin.

So rather than add some other far-flung place to your bucket list this year, you really should put a star next to Northumberland...


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