27 places to see in Italy before you die
Posted on 21/04/2016


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From paradisiacal islands to cultural capitals, Italy has it all. You need a separate bucket list especially for this extraordinary country and these 27 locations are the perfect place to start...

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  • Capo Vaticano & Tropea, Calabria
    Capo Vaticano & Tropea, Calabria

    What to expect: Stunning beaches on a long coastline and delicious local food.


Only in Italy can you eat endless amounts of gelato on long hot days at the beach. But not everyone heads to the beach in summer and if cities, lakes or mountains are your thing, then Italy is still the place to be.

Although the country is one of the most popular destinations in Europe during the summer months, the crowds can be avoided if you know where to go. With so much to offer, if you stick to these 30 places in bella Italia you won't miss a single thing!


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