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30 Flights Cancelled by Ryanair Today
Posted on 12/07/2018


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Ryanair has cancelled 30 out of 290 flights following the 24 hour strike by the pilots from today, July 12th.

Ryanair Pilots are striking over disagreements on seniority and promotions with the airlines.

The action was taken under the guise of Pilot Union Force. This is Ryanair's second strike ever since the recognition of the union in December. The airlines decided to recognize the union for the first time in 32 years of its history in order to avert the strike over Rota blunder. However, they are here again paying the price of that decision.

Flights between Ireland and the UK will face the brunt of the strike, while flights from Ireland to Europe will be unaffected.

This will create immense chaos for the passengers travelling between Ireland and the UK. The airline has informed passengers about the cancelled flights and made assurances that refunds will be issued.

The airline has issued a statement saying, "We regret to advise some Irish customers of a strike by just 94 (27%) of our 350+ Irish pilots on Thursday, 12th July. We have tried to avert this disruption, which is unnecessary given Ryanair pilots' and their union FORSA has received written proposals on seniority, annual leave and base transfers, which are what FORSA claims are the reasons for this strike, yet FORSA has rejected 21 separate invitations to meet Ryanair to negotiate these documents."

On top of the Irish pilots' strike, Ryanair is also facing strike threats from the pilots of other countries. For instance, it has been reported that German pilots from Ryanair are set to vote on the issue of pay and working conditions by the end of this month.

There are also reports that Ryanair cabin crew members in Spain, Belgium and Portugal will go on strike on the 25th and 26th of July due to similar issues.

For travelers flying today, be aware of your rights and check with the airline for help, to reschedule or to receive a refund.