40 beautiful places to see under a blanket of snow
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Winter isn't all about the cold temperatures and dark nights. It also transforms many of the world's most beautiful places into magical white snowscapes. These are the most beautiful places in the world to see under a blanket of snow.

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  • Salzburg, Austria
    Salzburg, Austria

    The storybook setting of Salzburg really comes to life when snow falls. The stuff of fairy tales, the city looks just as beautiful as it did 250 years ago when Mozart was its most famous resident. Stand by the usually fast-flowing Salzach River that now stands frozen in time and admire the graceful domes and spires that are sprinkled in white powder.

    © Jakob Radlgruber/123RF
  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy

    Packed with tourists in the heights of summer, winter is Rome's low season. But with the Colosseum's intricate carvings dusted with snow and the cobbled streets glazed in a sheet of ice, it is hard to see why people don't flock here in the colder months too.

    © Francesco Bucchi / 123RF
  • Moscow, Russia
    Moscow, Russia

    In winter, Russia can see temperatures fall to -30°C. But this shouldn't discourage visitors from visiting its colourful capital city, when vibrant domes add the only splashes of colour to an otherwise white landscape.

    © mikolaj64/123RF
  • Vienna, Austria
    Vienna, Austria

    Winter in Vienna is rather chilly, with temperatures often reaching below 0°C. But these lows give way to a fantastic snowscape, when a magnificent white coat shrouds the imperial palaces and baroque architecture.

    © sborisov/123RF
  • Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic

    The City of a Thousand Spires sees millions of visitors per year but in winter it is at its most magical, when the winding cobbled streets and looming statues of Charles Bridge are dusted in snow.

    © bloodua/123RF


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