7 reasons to visit Slovenia
Posted on 20/02/2021


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The country of Slovenia is often forgotten about in Europe, which is a shame as this country has a lot to offer. It may be a small country, but Slovenia has wonderful caves to explore, mountains to hike, picture-perfect lakes and so much more to explore. Here are 7 reasons you should visit Slovenia.

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  • The beautiful nature
    The beautiful nature

    Slovenia is a country full of natural hidden gems, another one being Vintgar Gorge. Here you take a 1.6 km walk along winding paths and over wooden bridges, though vertical cliffs. You will also see rapids, pools and waterfalls and at the end of the walk you can see the arch stone bridge that was part of the Bohinj railway that was built in 1906. The bridge is 33 meters wide and goes over the gorge. The entrance to the Gorge is 5 euros but parking is free.