Posted on 13/02/2020 (Modified on 20/03/2020)

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9 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In The United Kingdom

Concerns related to Coronavirus in the UK are still on the rise, with 9 people being officially infected. Victims are in Brighton, York, London and another potential one in Sussex.

New cases in the UK

New cases in the UK

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The third Coronavirus case in the UK was a middle-aged Briton who did not contract the disease in the UK or in China but while attending a conference in Singapore, and then went to a French chalet close to the Mont Blanc at the same time as several other holiday goers, who are all at risk of having contracted the disease.

The deadly epidemic, which began in China and has claimed over 1300 lives, has increased dramatically since it was first officially identified on the 11th of January 2020. This case is particularly worrying, as the Englishman has been identified as a super spreader, which is someone who affects others at a higher and faster rate than others, usually 2.6 people on average.

Super spreading the virus

It has been a difficult situation, since it is threatening the lives of patients, especially for those with pre-existing conditions and more prone to contracting the virus.

This third case patient had been in contact with hundreds of people since he returned from Asia, among whom two health professionals who have been infected too, which has put even more people at a risk of contracting the virus.

The situation peaking in the UK, the World Health Organization has expressed concern about the problematic nature of the disease, also stating that the patients being treated in the UK for Coronavirus have no history of travelling to China where the disease first broke.

In an attempt to contain the disease, British Airways has cancelled all flights to and from China until April and Public Health in England has asked about a dozen individuals to get quarantined and to undergo regular monitoring to check whether they have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

UK workers have tested over 1100 people and, apart from the incident of the super spreader in Brighton, other reported cases are a student from the University of Sussex being admitted to be tested and two Chinese nationals in York that have been infected.

A private school in Southampton even suspended classes for three days, fearing students were showing symptoms of the virus and private schools in Southampton recommended for students to refrain from holidaying in South-East Asia for the time being.

The World Health Organisation and National Health Service (NHS) define symptoms of Coronavirus as flu-like symptoms, such as high temperatures, coughing, sore throat, uneasy breathing and exhaustion. Before being quarantined, individuals need to consider if they have been to a high risk zone or in physical contact with anybody who has.

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