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Nine of the world's most terrifying attractions
Posted on 08/10/2015


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Looking for a terrifying travel destination? Firstly, you're crazy. Secondly, if these hellish attractions don't give you the nightmares of your life, nothing will.

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  • 1. Chapel of Bones, Portugal
    1. Chapel of Bones, Portugal

    Portugal's Chapel of Bones is exactly what it says on the sign, a chapel with its interior constructed of former skeletons. Every single part and detail of the church was assembled with parts of bone. Built in the 16th century due to the overflowing cemeteries and not wanting to condemn the souls of the dead, monks built a new chapel from their bones. As visitors wander the aisles of the oppressive chapel, they hear the haunting message that death is inevitable.

  • 2. Torture Museum, Amsterdam
    2. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

    The Torture museum is a scarily themed location to learn about historical torture methods in displays that are certainly not for the squeamish. The Middle Ages torture methods seem to be particularly brutal, showcased by the impressive skull cracker and limb-dislocating rack. The dark illustrations will also make your hairs stand on end.

  • 3. Museo de la Momias, Mexico
    3. Museo de la Momias, Mexico

    Museo de las Momias displays the 111 remarkably preserved mummies that were found and excavated in Guanajuato. The bodies were exhumed from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989, and the embalmed bodies are absolutely terrifying. The preserved facial expressions seem to show the unknown victims to be wincing in pain or shouting.

  • 4. Capuchin Catacombs, Sicily
    4. Capuchin Catacombs, Sicily

    The Capuchin catacombs are the home to what can only be described as a human library, storing up to 8,000 embalmed bodies lying underneath the streets of the city centre. Religious characters, poets and ordinary folk's bodies spanning across five centuries are to be found in the hellish, haunting depths of the city's underground canals that seem to go on forever.

  • 5. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA
    5. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA

    The swampy area that spreads far into the state's huge lakes is an eery, creepy location for any traveller. Many myths have been passed down through generations mentioning scary characters, including the ghost of voodoo princess Julie White and Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology, who roam the misty swamps comfortable in the darkness of the land. The willowy trees and reflections of the dark shadows will leave you with nightmares.


The end of October is fast creeping up on us, which can only mean one thing - scare season. Need ideas for terrifying Halloween costumes, scary stories to tell round the campire, or the perfect place to leave that irritating friend on your next holiday? Try one of the above destinations on for size.

From chapels made of bones and catacombs for the dead, to doll-infested islands and abandoned towns, the world is a terrifying place to travel. There are tales from Louisiana's Manchac Swamp that will keep you up for days and a museum in Amsterdam dedicated to the most blood-curdling methods of torture. Proceed with caution.


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