Air France To Launch New Millennial Targeted Carrier


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Facing pressure to diversify their services, Air France's 'Joon' carrier is specifically marketed towards the Milennial market.

The carrier will begin flights in September of this year

The carrier will begin flights in September of this year

Air France is launching a new carrier aimed at Millennials, a generation that according to them "has inspired us a lot". Branded 'Joon' as a wordplay on the French word 'jeune' which means young, the airline is designed to appeal to a generation whose "lifestyles revolve around digital technology".

Scheduled to begin operating in September, Joon is "especially aimed at a young working clientele, the millennials," and has been "entirely designed to meet their requirements and aspirations," providing an "innovative and offbeat" experience.

A press release from the company includes a video that is marketed specifically towards Millennials with a minimalist take that emphasizes elements of connectivity and social media integration.

The launch falls into line with Air France's "Trust Together" project launched last November in an effort to come up with innovative ways for the company to compete more effectively on cost, efficiency and customer service.

Air France finds itself, like many other carriers, under pressure from high-speed rail, low cost carriers and labour difficulties, which has driven a need for diversification.

The airline intends to attract Millennials with money to spend stating that the brand will not be a low cost carrier with the intention to fill a market gap between budget airlines like EasyJet and high-cost airlines like Emirates.

It has not yet been revealed where the airline will fly to but European based flights are expected to launch from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport in Autumn of this year with long haul flights to follow in 2018.

The carrier will be using single-aisle Airbus A320s, as well as long-range twin-aisle A340s and A350s in its fleet.

In an attempt to highlight the airline's innovative approach it has released designs for its "basic and chic" uniforms reportedly inspired by workers in a Silicon Valley start-up, supposed to capture the airline's "dynamic attitude".

Whether the airline will succeed in carving out a clientele amongst Millennials remains to be seen. It is yet to release details on destinations, fares or services to be marketed specifically at Millennials such as internet connectivity or a targeted food and drinks menu.

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