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Renting your home through AirBnB is a fantastic way of making money, however watch out who you hand your keys over to because all may not be as it seems. Here are some of the worst nightmares that AirBnb owners come back from their holidays to...

the nightmares faced by airbnb owners

the nightmares faced by airbnb owners
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The thieves
The guests that stole everything...even the furniture. They used a fake profile and fake names and a temporary credit card, stayed in the apartment for just 2 days while the owner was on vacation and on return, the owner found the apartment completely empty. It took AirBnB and the owner over three months to make up for the damage.

The room repainted
Perhaps more odd than nightmarish, but one AirBnB guest took it upon themselves to repaint the whole apartment that they were staying in, without a word said to the owner. After returning the keys and allowing the owner to see their masterwork, they were offered a 100% refund as the guest did such a good job of it.

The left over dinner
A couple had stayed in an apartment for a weekend and had left everything pretty tidy and there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. That was, until the owner opened up their oven to find a partly roasted turkey sitting there rotting away, ready for someone's delicious Sunday dinner...

The champagne death
A slightly morbid return for one set of owners who returned to their apartment and seemed to be not let back in by the person staying. When breaking down the door they came across the shocking sight that the man had drank himself to death on dozens of bottles of champagne.

trust no-one with your home...

trust no-one with your home...

The ransacked room
Some people are neat-freaks and some people are extremely messy, but does that all go up in the air when staying in an AirBnb? This guest decided to go on a total rampage around the apartment they were renting, ripping to shreds the mattress, sofa, tearing the curtains off the walls, opening the fridge and turning it upside down, etc. AirBnB paid for the damages with their insurance, but it was not easy to return everything to the way it once was.

The toilet-blocker
One couple went to stay in somebody's apartment and managed to get through six toilet rolls between them in just two days. Obviously not to be questioned at the time by the owner, but after the guests departed the toilet was so clogged up it had to be replaced...none of us need to know why.

The 'orgy'
The couple that weren't as they seemed. Whilst they had the apartment to themselves, instead of making use of the private holiday romance, they decided to invite over 25 people to join them. The owner returned to find a very broken mattress, the sink off the wall and all sorts of bits and pieces leftover and lying about.

The sneaky wedding
When renting your house or apartment to a couple you expect them to use it as a place to stay and relax and not much more. But when you return from your own holiday to walk into a full blown Indian wedding in your apartment with more than 30 guests you may think carefully before renting it out the next time!

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