10 alternative beach destinations in the USA
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We all know the big names like Myrtle Beach and Cape May, but here are 10 alternative suggestions for a beach break in the USA.

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  • Dry Tortugas, Florida
    Dry Tortugas, Florida

    Dry Tortugas is so peaceful that you'll have to pinch yourself to believe that you're still in buzzing Florida. Water sports aficionados will be kept busy by the bounty of snorkeling and diving on offer, whilst history buffs can explore Fort Jefferson, a building steeped in history which once held political prisoners.

  • Carova Beach, North Carolina
    Carova Beach, North Carolina

    One of North Carolina's hidden gems, Carova Beach can only be accessed by boat or a 4x4. Its lack of paved roads cause it to emanate an otherworldly ambiance - just wait until you see the some 11 miles of sprawling coastline, too.

  • Enderts Beach, California
    Enderts Beach, California

    It never fails to amaze us how so few people are in the know about Enderts Beach. Nestled away in Redwood National Park, the some 37 miles of coastline are fringed by a sea of imposingly striking evergreen trees. A quirkier alternative to perhaps more postcard-perfect rivals, Enderts Beach is an offbeat choice for nature lovers in particular.

  • Roque Bluffs, Maine
    Roque Bluffs, Maine

    Rugged scenery and untouched landscapes make Roque Bluffs one of the most unspoiled beaches in the USA. Between having a dip in Simpson Pond and stumbling across a quaint half-mile pebbled bay, this cove is a glimmering jewel in magnetic Maine's crown.

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  • Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
    Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

    Crouching in the shadows of big names like Virginia Beach, Sandbridge Beach offers sublime sands and hidden coves away from the crowds. Whether you're admiring the caster-sugar dunes or exploring the area's marshes and open waters, Sandbridge Beach is a feast for the eyes.

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A beach getaway is synonymous with rest and relaxation. After all, we all seek to rival beached whales with our own bodies sprawled on the sand. But who wants to muscle through the crowds to get a spot?

From the craggy cliffs of Hawaii to the turquoise rollers in Florida, we've lined up 10 alternative beach destinations in the USA. With all that peace and quiet you'll be thanking your lucky stars you opted to head off the beaten track.

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