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What would city skies look like without light pollution?
Posted on 04/12/2015

SocietyUnited Kingdom

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COP21: As the world turns its attention once more to global warming, photographer David Oliver Lennon decided to mask the light pollution emitted from large cities to show exactly what we're missing in the skies above us.

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  • 1. New York, USA
    1. New York, USA
  • 2. London, UK
    2. London, UK
  • 3. Doha, Dubai
    3. Doha, Dubai
  • 4. Singapore
    4. Singapore
  • 5. Los Angeles, USA
    5. Los Angeles, USA

As climate change summit COP21 gets underway in Paris this week, photographer David Oliver Lennon has been researching just how much light pollution affects our skies. With an incredible timelapse video, the photographer has showcased what some of the world's brightest cities would look like if they lowered light pollution emissions.

VIDEO: A world without light pollution

By masking the lights on the original timelapse, it's easier to see the stunning sky creating a beautiful backdrop. The video takes us all over the world, stopping in New York, London and Doha to gave up at the natural twinkling of the stars.


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