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Eating Like Andy
Posted on 21/02/2020

CultureUnited Kingdom

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Exciting news for pop art lovers/foodies/fans of Andy Warhol as the Tate Modern in London is hosting a major dining event, inspired by the iconic artist's tryst with typical American delicacies.

The pop-up will be running until 6th September 2020 in Level 9. A similar event in the museum related to the artist, honouring his palate is the Sundae Making Masterclass while his best-liked frozen hot chocolate is up for grabs across all Tate Modern cafes.

Eating like Andy

Eating like Andy
© Anasnasiia Lavrenteva/123RF

The two part menu comes with two sweet and two savoury dishes that are customised to be shared amongst an entire table. Inspired by Warhol's famous "Tuna Fish Disaster" painting, there is a special tuna dish to go along with the sumptuous "Caviar With Shah", another dish created in memory of the fancy soirées that Warhol frequented. The sweet side of the menu consists of "Cornflakes Pannacotta", beloved American breakfast cereal that the artist is known to have enjoyed. Also offered is "Bringing Home The Bacon", named after the old idiom, which is a creative dessert brought together with smoky bacon ice-cream served with creamed tomato soup. These sweet dishes are a tribute to Warhol's fondness for cake.

Jon Atashroo, head chef at Level 9 Restaurant, delved deep into discovering Warhol's life and likes as food is a dominant theme in the artist's works. The chef says he enjoyed recreating American junk food from the 1960s and 70s with current ingredients and cooking them in a modern culinary style.

A study of Andy Warhol's pop art from 1960-1978 discloses his faithfulness to typical American food products like Hershey's Bars and Campbell Soup. Born to immigrant Polish parents, it was the depiction of junk-food through art that established the legend's quintessential American-ness.