Posted on 13/11/2015

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Nepal's Kukur Tihar celebrates doggy loyalty

As part of its Diwali festivities, Nepal dedicates a whole day to celebrating human frienship with canines. It's one of the world's only festivals dedicated to our doggy friends and the photos are seriously heartwarming...

Every year, Nepal has a special day dedicated to the loyalty of man's best friend. Kukur Tihar, part of the country's annual Diwali celebrations, takes place on the second day of the festival to give thanks to dogs for their friendship and service.

During Kukur Tihar, dogs from all walks of life - pets, strays and police dogs included - are given a garland of flowers to wear around their necks. Each dog also has a red spot, or tika, painted on its forehead, marking it as a sacred being. The tika also works by serving as a blessing to anyone who meets or touches the dog throughout the festival.

Kukur Tihar in full swing

Kukur Tihar in full swing Pinterest

Cute canines

Cute canines Pinterest

Flower garlands instead of collars

Flower garlands instead of collars AFP

Being blessed

Being blessed Twimg

As well as being known for candles and grand firework displays, Diwali also celebrates people's interactions with the world around them. Each country has different ways of celebrating, and there are different celebrations acknowledged on the separate days, including celebrations for cows, crows, siblings and the goddess of wealth.

Dogs are particularly important animals in Hindu culture, which believes that they are the messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death, and that they can even see danger coming in the future.