10 of Asia's best kept secrets
Posted on 17/06/2016


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Forget Bangkok and Halong Bay, these hidden gems scattered all over Asia seem to have been somewhat overlooked by tourists...

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  • Raja Ampat Islands
    Raja Ampat Islands

    The Raja Ampat Islands are located in the heart of the Coran Triangle, on the tip of West Papua, Indonesia. The sparsely populated islands are home to jungles, white-sand beaches, hidden lagoons and thrilling caves. Underwater enthusiasts will love this destination which boasts three-quarters of the world's coral varieties.


Asia is a popular destination on every traveller's bucket list, but there's more to this diverse continent than meets the eye. So you've done the full moon party in Koh Phangan and seen the Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat temples - what's next?

Whether it's because they are found in a remote location or have simply been overlooked by tourists, Asia has countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From jungle-clad islands to secret beaches, these are 10 of Asia's best kept secrets.


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