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Atari to open video-game themed hotels across the US
Posted on 03/02/2020

CultureUnited States of America

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Gaming and travel are to combine in Atari's new video-game themed hotels across the US

Get ready to Pac Man your bags!

Get ready to Pac Man your bags!

Gaming giant Atari, best known for its '70s and '80s video games, is making a comeback by launching immersive, video-game themed hotels across 8 cities in the US.

Atari's newest venture is hoping will "level up hotel entertainment with fully immersive experiences for every age and gaming ability" and is set to include the latest technologies in VR and AR (virtual and augmented reality).

Some of the hotels will also feature state-of-the-art venues and studios to accommodate eSports events.

Atari are partnering with experiential agency GSD Group and real estate developer True North Studio to turn these video-game themed hotels to reality, with Atari earning 5% of all Atari Hotels revenue.

"Together we'll build a space that will be much more than just a place to stay," Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a statement. "Atari is an iconic global brand that resonates with people of all ages, countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds and we cannot wait for our fans and their families to enjoy this new hotel concept."

Atari is targeting a nostalgic generation

Atari is targeting a nostalgic generation
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The new gaming-centric hotels are hoping to attract not only eSport competitors, but those who grew up playing on the Atari console and are nostalgic for everything retro. And with the success of the Netflix series Stranger Things still fresh in everybody's mind, it's understandable why Atari is tapping into this market now.

"When creating this brand-new hotel concept, we knew that Atari would be the perfect way to give guests the 'nostalgic and retro meets modern' look and feel we were going for," Napoleon Smith III, producer of the rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film franchise and a member of the team leading hotel development and design, said in a statement. "Let's face it, how cool will it be to stay inside an Atari?!"

Construction of the first hotel in Phoenix is to begin later this year and is expected to be completed in 18 to 24 months.

Additional hotels are planned for Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Texas, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose.