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Bali reopens after a three-month lockdown
Posted on 09/07/2020


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After a three-month lockdown due to coronavirus, Indonesian island Bali is now reopening partially, giving locals and tourists the chance to go out again before overseas arrivals can restart in September.

A slow reopening

A slow reopening
© Konstantin Trubavin / 123RF

Usually bustling with tourists, the island has had to restrict public activities, using help from patrols in order to make sure health protocols were respected. They also had to close the airport, shops, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and many other public places.

Although these restrictions are being lifted today, the government however said there would be new rules for tourists in hotels, restaurants and on beaches.

Bali will also reopen to Indonesians on July 31, but it will remain closed to internationals until September 11.

"The pandemic has hit the tourism sector so badly while there is no certainty when it will end. We have to revive economic activity to prevent Bali from new social problems due to increasing economic pressures", Wayan Koster, Bali's governor, said.

Before the pandemic, 5 million foreigners came to Bali every year, but numbers have fallen, which also affects hotels occupancy rate.

Gede Wirata, who runs hotels, restaurants, clubs on the island, commented: "This outbreak has hammered the local economy. We have to move on but be safe by observing health protocols to protect Bali from the second wave of coronavirus spread."