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The cities every art lover should have visited but hasn't
Posted on 28/04/2017


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Any art lover worth their salt has already seen the timeless pieces of Paris's Louvre, or the modern marvels of New York's MoMA. But what of Singapore's burgeoning Asian art scene, or Bogotá's recent street art explosion? Here are 12 arty cities you didn't even know you were missing.

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  • Bogotá

    The Colombian capital isn't on many people's radar as a destination, let alone an art hub. But Bogotá has been steadily transforming into a Latin American centre for street art. You'll find the works of artists such as homegrown DjLu and CRISP adorning the city's walls, as well as an incredible selection of work by Colombian artists in the Museo de Arte Moderna de Bogotá and Museo Botero.

  • Tokyo

    Japan's capital is full to bursting with small galleries and sprawling museums dedicated to the country's art history. Be prepared to trek back and forth across the city to see everything of note, but set aside plenty of time for Roppongi - home to the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo's National Art Center and the lesser known Ota Fine Arts gallery.

  • Montreal

    Montreal's two big hitters are the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, known for its collection of Inuit and 20th-century art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art whose exhibitions are constantly varied. Head over to Old Montreal for the best selection of private galleries in the city.

  • São Paolo
    São Paolo

    It would be fair to say that this huge Brazilian city is Latin America's art capital. The São Paolo Art Biennial is one of the oldest in the world, second only to Venice, and plans are already well underway for the next installment in September 2018. If you can't time a visit to coincide with the biennial, the city is also home to the Museu de Arte Moderna, with a wonderful Brazilian art collection and sculpture garden, and galleries like Baro and Choque Cultural which give space to up-and-coming talent.

  • Mexico City
    Mexico City

    Home to legendary Mexican artist couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. You can still visit the house they lived in, in Coyoacán, which has become a tribute to Frida and her work. Elsewhere, the Palacio Nacional is home to Rivera's incredible El mundo de hoy y de mañana mural and the annual Material Art Fair (takes place every February) offers a fantastic chance to see contemporary work.