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World's most beautiful coastlines
Posted on 26/05/2017


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Few things elicit as much excitement as spotting a magnificent coastline, whether you are landing at an airport on the coast, taking a road trip or simply flipping through photos in a magazine, coastline views always have the ability to captivate us. Whether golden sand beaches, intimidating cliffs, quaint villages or bustling cities coastlines can be as varied as they are magnificent. With that in mind here are out absolute favorite coastlines that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

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  • Lofoten Islands - Norway
    Lofoten Islands - Norway

    This archipelago of tiny islands is often called "the most scenic part of Norway". Once you set your eyes on its intimate bays, dramatic peaks and quaint fishing villages you are bound to agree that this is one of the most breathtaking coasts you have had the pleasure of seeing. To further the experience, we recommend you plan a trip here for early June, during this time of the year the sun never quite sets, keeping the area illuminated 24-hours a day.

  • Dalmatian Coast - Croatia
    Dalmatian Coast - Croatia

    These days Croatia seems to be on almost every single "Top 10" travel list out there, and with its incredible medieval cities, breathe taking scenery, incredible food, affordable accommodation and top rate night life it is little wonder. Its coastline too is something to behold, the juxtaposition of centuries old towns against the dark blue waters of the sea is a sight you will not soon forget.

  • Greenland

    As the world's largest island it is little wonder that Greenland also has the world's third longest coastline - a whopping 44,087 km. The fact that the island has a population of 56.000 people means that the coastline remains almost completely unspoiled by developments. As you look over this coastline, with the multitude of enormous icebergs and snowcapped mountains you are truly confronted by the beauty of nature.

  • Normandy - France
    Normandy - France

    The 360 mile long Normandy Coast directly faces the English Channel. The area is mostly taken up by farmland giving the coast an unspoiled natural feel. The area is known for its incredible local cuisine as well as fascinating history as Normandy's beaches were the staging point for the Invasion of Normandy in 1944, also known as D-Day.

  • Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

    Oh Rio, where does one even begin describing the coast of the truly incredible city? The Guanabara Bay, where Rio sits, is dominated by the Sugarloaf Mountain as well as Mount Corcovado which is where the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue stands. Rio's coast presents visitors with an incredible mix of beautiful golden sand beaches and towering glass skyscrapers.


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