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The perfect cruise for every couple type
Posted on 31/01/2017


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Whether you're seasoned cruisers looking for adventure on the high seas or beginners looking to test the waters for a good price, there's a romantic cruise out there for every kind of couple.

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  • The first-timers: Bahamas
    The first-timers: Bahamas

    First-time cruisers are often looking for a short itinerary at a reasonable price to see if it's something they're really into. The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line offers a wonderful option from Florida to the Bahamas all year round, with low prices and flexible dates making for a romantic weekend away together. Who knows, you might discover a new passion for cruising.

  • The adventurers: the Arctic
    The adventurers: the Arctic

    From tenative beginners to hard-core adventurers, if you really want discovery from your next cruise look no further than National Geographic's Explorer. During the summer months, the ship explores everywhere from the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland, to Iceland and Arctic Svalbard. All you need to do is choose the itinerary.

  • The active ones: South Pacific
    The active ones: South Pacific

    Active couples will adore the romantic feel of the South Pacific, with stunning national parks, beautiful fjords and an excess of extreme activities. Take Princess Cruises' South Pacific crossing for example, which stops off in Fiordland National Park (pictured) in New Zealand, Bora Bora in French Polynesia and Hawaii.

  • The beach bods: Eastern Caribbean
    The beach bods: Eastern Caribbean

    There aren't many places in the world that can rival the Eastern Caribbean for beaches. A cruise on the romantic Seabourn Odyssey will give couples the chance to jump off in various locations, such as the Dominican Republic, the US Virgin Islands, St Lucia and Barbados. Perfect for soaking up the sun in the most exclusive of settings.

  • The hopeless romantics: Tahiti
    The hopeless romantics: Tahiti

    You won't get much more knee-wobblingly romantic than a cruise around the sun-soaked islands of French Polynesia. Beginning in Tahiti, best rated romantic cruise line Paul Gaugin Cruises offers a relaxed itinerary exploring places like Bora Bora and Moorea.