Posted on 11/05/2022 (Modified on 16/05/2022)

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Best road trips in the US

The United States of America is unique in that the country can be explored so easily by car. It's the same size as Australia and it's the same size as Europe. And you'll find as many incredible locations and experiences in the USA as can be found on those other continents. And you'd be amazed at how much one country can change as you explore first one coast, then another and then head north or south on the best road trips in the US. Road trips can be at the very heart of a holiday: Exploring new territory, taking in as much of the scenery as you can, cranking up the music to match the landscape and even fueling up on gas station snacks, should you be so inclined. Road trips have been immortalized in classic novels, essential movies and legendary songs. If you're ready to hit the road, here are the best US road trips to take.

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Route 66

Passing through eight states between Chicago, Illinois, and Santa Monica, California, and spanning 2,300 miles, Route 66 had great stretches of scenic open road that connected the small towns along the way, bringing people out West during the Dust Bowl era. While it was largely replaced by interstates, particularly I-40, in the 1980s, it's still possible to follow the original route for an iconic all-American road trip full of retro diners, classic automobiles, and relics of a bygone era.

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Blue Ridge Parkway, Carolinas and Virginia

The Parkway's 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina weaves America's rich cultural heritage, from Cherokee life and agricultural history to Southern Appalachian crafts and music. Spanning the southern and central Appalachians, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers a glimpse at the scenic landscape, from the mountains to numerous waterfalls.

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Pacific Coast Highway, California

The classic Coastal California road trip, the route takes travelers through the towering redwood forests of Northern California, along the coast of Big Sur, down to the stretch beaches of Southern California. Stop along the way in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego, whether it's a two-day or two-week journey.

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Silverado Trail, California

Linking the 30 or so miles between the towns of Napa and Calistoga, the Silverado Trail winds through the Napa Valley wine region amid rolling hills and mountains. Originally built in the 1850s during the silver rush, the route runs parallel to CA-29. Though only an hour drive from start to finish, add stops to the region's exceptional wineries hot springs and mineral pools in Calistoga for a jaunt.

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Scenic Byway 12, Utah

In the heart of the American West, drive through rugged terrain, aspen and pine groves, the meadowlands of Boulder Mountain, and desert landscape. The nearly 123 miles journey begins to the west in Panguitch near the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and ends in Torrey to the northeast, and connects Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef national parks.

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