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Island hotspots for summer 2017
Posted on 18/04/2017


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There are holidays, then there are beach holidays, and then there are island holidays... What better places to get away, relax and enjoy life in utter paradise this summer than these postcard-perfect island hotspots.

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  • Santorini, Greece
    Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is a Greek island paradise, nothing more, nothing less. Every part of the island is stunning from its beaches, to the hillside villages, to the beautiful white and blue towns dotted all across the island. With a backdrop of blue skies, blue waters and blue rooves, you can watch Greece's finest sunset at the top of the town of Oia. The island is romantic and truly memorable.

  • Fraser Island, Australia
    Fraser Island, Australia

    The perfectly white island surrounded by perfectly turquoise water is the world's largest sandy island. Being so large you will always find an exclusive spot to truly soak up the beauty of it. From exciting water sports to swimming in the island's lakes to free-riding along the vast expanse of beaches and exploring deep into its green jungles, there is an adventure for every visitor to Fraser Island.

  • Belize

    The islands of Belize are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean Sea. Including coral reefs, cayes, islets and the world famous Belize Barrier Reef. This area has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 10 years. Some of the most beautiful and romantic islands in Belize are Ambergris Caye, Cay Caulker, Silk Cayes and Laughingbird Caye.

  • Bali, Indonesia
    Bali, Indonesia

    Connect with this fascinating island in order to connect with your inner self. Yoga retreats, surfing, ancient temples, pristine beaches, Bali has got what it takes to make anyone happy on holiday. It is the perfect spot for you whether you come as a couple, a family, backpacking with friends or travelling alone.

  • Bahamas

    The Bahamas is made up of an incredible 700 islands. The archipelago has the clearest water on the planet which is what makes it such an extraordinarily beautiful island paradise. The Bahamas is the ultimate escape for any holiday whether it's to a tranquil and serene island spot or a trip full of adventures. The natural beauty is like no other place on earth.