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17 of the safest cities for solo travellers
Posted on 18/09/2016


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Travelling alone is a great opportunity for self-discovery, wonderful adventures and new friends. With solo travel becoming more and more popular, we compiled a list of the safest towns for travellers to visit alone.

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  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Known for its cheerful locals, colourful Copenhagen is one of the safest cities to visit in Europe. As a bonus, it gets up to 18 hours of daylight during the summer for added exploration time. You can end up spending a lot on accommodation and food, but the best way to get around and keep costs down is on two wheels; try using the Cykelslangen, a raised bike path that winds around the harbour.

  • Santiago, Chile
    Santiago, Chile

    The most populous city in Chile is an excellent choice for first-time solo travellers to South America. It is equipped with an advanced transport network comprised of an extensive metro system, and the reformed transantiago bus network. You will also be only a short flight away from the breath-taking views of the Patagonia Mountains, a real treat for experienced hikers.

  • Queenstown, New Zealand
    Queenstown, New Zealand

    As the ?Global Adventure Capital', Queenstown is a great destination for adrenaline junkies. The naturally impressive landscape of Lake Wakatipu and the mountainous backdrop of the Remarkables make it ideal for trying various adventure sports, and its large expat community make it an extremely friendly place for meeting new people. The small city has a great selection of bars and restaurants to unwind in after a long day of bungee jumping.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik is a fantastic choice for solo history lovers. Known as the ?Pearl of the Adriatic', the city's impeccably preserved white walls and red roofs formed the perfect backdrop to Game of Thrones. You can walk the city walls to get a feel for the city or take a cable car and watch sea kayakers touring the bay. To avoid the throngs of tourists descending from the cruise ships, go in April and September while the weather is still pleasant and there are still plenty of visitors for socialising with.

  • Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
    Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

    Voted No.1 on the Happy Planet Index, no matter where you go in Costa Rica you'll be guaranteed a warm welcome whether it is from a local or one of the many expats and tourists. Puerto Viejo is bustling with activity as visitors come to savour the spicy food, reggae music and magnificent surf.