Posted on 06/09/2021

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Which US national park best suits your personality?

With a grand total of 59 to choose from, knowing which national park to explore next is never an easy choice. So why not let your personality decide...

Whether you're the kind of person who enjoys planning a leisurely jaunt with friends, a serious hiking trip or an exploration of photo-worthy scenery, the USA's national parks have the ideal location for you. Somwhere. But how do you find it?

Lucikly for you, we've complied a list of exactly which park to visit depending on your personality and general travel needs. Want great campsites all the way round? Try the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Or how about more widlife encounters than you can handle? You should head to the Everglades. Whatever you're looking for, America's national parks are too good to miss.

Best for hikers: Grand Teton National Park / Skibreck

This masterpiece of Wyoming scenery has over 200 miles of hiking trails to its name. Navigate its splendid lakes, conquer its challenging peaks and then treat yourself to some of the best food in the state with fish, bison, elk and venison dishes appearing as staples on most menus.

Best for photographers: Joshua Tree National Park / KiskaMedia

California's Joshua Tree National Park is a haven for everyone from addicted Instagrammers to photography professionals. Combining the stunning scenery of the Mojave and Colorado deserts, the park takes you from magical mountain sunrises to starry desert nights in the snap of a shutter.

Best for adventurers: Great Sand Dunes National Park / Ericfoltz

Adventurers forget the Rocky Mountains, for Colorado's most intrepid landscapes lie within the Great Sand Dunes National Park. From the incredible orange sand dunes, you can see snowy peaks rising in the distance. Whether you skirt the edge of the park to take in its creek or lose yourself in its centre for a night under the stars, this is a national park you'll never forget.

Best for backpackers: Canyonlands National Park / Golfladi

This Utah park is a great place for escaping the crowds of Arches National Park. It stretches for well over 500 square miles and is best explored with nothing but a rucksack and your own two feet.

Best for families: Haleakala National Park / Andrey Popov

What's great about Haleakala is the sheer quantity of activities on offer here. The Hawaiian park is a haven for active families, with hiking and mountain-biking from the top of a volcano, miles of coastline and no shortage of camping spots.

Best for campers: Great Smoky Mountains National Park / Sean Pavone

There's a reason this national park is the most visited in the US. From hazy purple mist (which gave the mountains their name) to the abundant wildflowers in spring and summer, there's no end of wonders here for happy campers. What's best is that you can enjoy it for less than $20 a night.

Best for road-trippers: Acadia National Park

William Brawley/Flickr

This Maine park offers some of the best driving in the states. Its 27-mile loop road allows you to marvel at craggy coastlines, skirt beautiful lakes and watch the sun rise from the top of a mountain. Plus you'll find plenty of places to stop off, replenish food supplies and even take an easy hike.

Best for wildlife lovers: Everglades National Park / YinYang

Florida's famous everglades need little introduction, especially to those on the hunt for the wildlife. Take a boat or canoe out to explore the intertwining rivers and lakes for the best chance of spotting crocodiles, alligators, greater flamingoes and even the rare Florida panther.

Best for beach lovers: Virgin Islands National Park / Christian Wheatley

You may have to journey a little further to reach this one, but who's complaining when what awaits you are the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. The Virgin Islands National Park covers a huge swathe of St. John island and plays host to rain forests, hiking trails, waterfalls and stunning beaches. Look out for great scuba diving and snorkeling on the island's coral reefs.

Best for friends: Arches National Park


Great for a big trip with friends, Arches National Park in Utah is incredibly beautiful and incredibly easy to navigate. With plenty of group photo-worthy spots and an easy terrain, everyone will be able to keep up.