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British Airways has fired 350 pilots after worst downturn ever
Posted on 30/06/2020

TransportUnited Kingdom

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British Airways has fired 350 pilots and put 300 other ones in a "pool" waiting to be able to rehire them "when needed", as they currently do not have an aircraft to operate on, and will therefore remain on half-pay until then.

Trying their best

Trying their best
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The airline is currently working with pilot union Balpa, trying to get a "relief" after the worst downturn ever in 2020 caused by Covid-19, planning to cut 12,000 jobs and implement pay cuts for 36,000.

"Constructive talks are ongoing with Balpa to save as many jobs as possible", commented the airline.

Balpa managed to prevent a "last in, first out" policy where the airline would have fired its most recently hired employees.

British Airways has been grounded since March because of the recent lockdown measures, which has created such a bad situation.

According to comments from the airline, its London Gatwick's cockpit crew is facing redundancy, and the airline may actually not return to Gatwick after the pandemic.

Two months ago, managing director Adam Carson wrote a memo to his staff, stating: "As you know, we suspended our Gatwick flying schedule at the start of April and there is no certainty as to when or if these services can or will return."

Virgin Atlantic is also permanently closing operations at London Gatwick, and the upcoming year is expected to be one of the hardest for airlines, with Gatwick stating it could take "years" for air travel to go back to 2019 levels.