Bucket-list destinations you don't have to give up for kids


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Who said holidays with the children were an insurmountable task? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. These destinations will have both young and old marvelling at the unbelievable magic of the real world.

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  • Thailand, from elephants to the exotic
    © Darya Petrenko/123rf
    Thailand, from elephants to the exotic

    Pamperer of infants and elephants alike, Thailand is a warm and welcoming family destination. Go kayaking around its other-worldly archipelagos, take a stroll along its beautiful and serene beaches, and for the truly magical, take an elephant ride that your children will never ever forget.

  • Mont Saint-Michel, a view from the skies
    © robynmac/123RF
    Mont Saint-Michel, a view from the skies

    There's no need to delve into the realm of the fantastical when Mont Saint-Michel is as enchanting as any Disney castle. If you want to stand out from the crowds, and avoid climbing the marathon of steps, take an ultralight aircraft and see this marvellous island monastery from the skies.

  • London, Harry Potter heaven
    © coo7/123RF
    London, Harry Potter heaven

    If the magic of Mont Saint-Michel isn't quite enough, why not get a slice of Pottermania. If your kids are fans of JK Rowling's wonderful creations, why not head to King's Cross Train Station where you can take your photo at platform 9 and 3/4? Then you can make your way to Warner Bros. Studio for the Making of Harry Potter tour. Finally, head to the charming Victorian market of Leadenhall - home of Diagon Alley and The Leaky Cauldron. As an extra, if you're feeling really indulgent, why not book tickets to the saga's newest chapter, 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'? It can't hurt...

  • Denmark, Lego in Copenhagen
    © alexanderphoto/123RF
    Denmark, Lego in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is what you might expect for the most eco-friendly city in Europe. Clean, tranquil, picturesque, haven for pedestrians, for cyclists, for kayakers: it is bliss for families. Without the frenetic pace of big city rush hour, you are free to explore this wonderful destination at your own pace. The incredible Lego theme park is set a short three hours outside the capital and it really can't be missed.

  • Iceland, mystery and majesty
    © surangaw/123RF
    Iceland, mystery and majesty

    Ever questioned how to rediscover that wide-eyed wonder that makes childhood such a magic part of life? We think we have the answer. Iceland is a country of such magnificence that every panorama will have you rubbing your eyes with disbelief. Dotted spectacular natural wonders from volcanoes to glaciers, from geysers to the Aurora Borealis, you will give your kids an incredible sense of the value of their surroundings.


It's not always easy being charged with organising a holiday with the children. Flitting between inexplicable boredom and sporadic eruptions of raucous energy, it can be an incredibly daunting task even imagining a holiday that doesn't draw to a close with at least one parent banging their head against the baggage carousel or wondering whether to pack the children in the overhead lockers. Yet, strike the right chords and you can build unparalleled and special memories for both parents and children. From spectacular landscapes to places of wonder, these ten child-friendly destinations could be perfect for your next family getaway.

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Alex Walker
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