The best capital cities for adventure lovers


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From roller blading in Paris to horseback riding across the Icelandic lava fields, here is our guide to the best destinations for adventure lovers.

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  • Berlin
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    Berlin is one of the coolest European cities. For the adrenaline junkies, we recommend a trip to Alexanderplatz in the city center where they will be able to enjoy some base jumping. You take an elevator up to the rooftop of the Park Inn hotel in front of the Berlin television tower. Supported by bungee strings, you plunge 125 meters to the ground. Here's another idea, what about exploring the Spreepark funfair? It's been abandoned since a drug scandal a few years ago and the owner's daughter still sometimes gives tours.

  • Washington D.C
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    Washington D.C

    At first glance, a city full of business men and politicians in suits doesn't sound like a particularly thrilling destination. But, it's great for the sporty types; in fact, the US capital has more acres of greenspace per capita than any other U.S. city of its size. Rock Creek Park boasts 40 miles of hiking trails, a bubbling creek which is perfect for whitewater kayaking and a 25-mile forested road-biking route. The political landscape itself is a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment, so there really is no place better to witness the action first hand than in this historic city.

  • Paris
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    From the vibrant culture, to historic galleries and museums to the buzzing nightlife scene, the city of lights has it all. There are multiple activities to get involved in. Every Friday, from 10pm, is the Pari-Roller - a weekly urban rollerblading event. Join the team and roll down the boulevards in Montparnasse in an event that has been going since 1993. Among other activities, rent a bike and cycle around the city, venture deep into the catacombs or have a breath of fresh air walking in one of the many scenic parks.

  • Reykjavik
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    Iceland is a fascinating country with bubbling hot springs, mighty volcanos and imposing glaciers. The capital is in the south of the country right next to the famous Sólheimajökull glacier, which you can hike up. While you're here be sure to book a horse riding tour round the ominous Mount Helgafell volcano and its expansive lava fields, or explore the ancient Leitharendi Cave. The city is also good starting point for the Golden Circle tour that encompasses all of country's most awe inspiring sights.

  • Mexico City
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    Mexico City

    Ride a hot air balloon over the ancient Aztec temples of the Sun and Moon and see the Teotihuacan Pyramids as you've never seen them before. Then, rather than going to an over-priced restaurant, head to q market to try out the local delicacies, crunch on a delicious enchilada or tamale. For those looking to explore further outside the city, hike across one of the country's superb mountain ranges such as the volcanic Los Tuxtlas.


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Posted on 17/07/2017
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