Celebrate chocolate at the Lindt Home of Chocolate
Posted on 17/09/2020


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How many of you have peeled the packaging of chocolate bars, secretly hoping you would get the golden ticket to go to the famous chocolate factory of Willy Wonka? Even though it was a fiction - your dreams might just come true. Lindt has opened a whimsical wonderland, featuring dreamy, creamy chocolate and this place will guarantee satisfaction for all you chocoholics. After 7 years of careful planning and construction, the gates of paradise finally opened on September 13, at the Lindt & Sprungli factory in Zurich, Switzerland.

The grand opening

This chocolate museum offers their guests many interesting and indulgent experiences, including an interactive tour where you'll learn everything there is to know about the origins of chocolate - from how cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate bars, to the pioneers that elevated our chocolate experiences from the get-go. This exhibition features 7 chocolate worlds and yes, there is even a tasting room - which is one of the highlights of the tour.

Speaking of highlights, there's one that you simply will not miss because of its sheer enormity and decadence - the show-stopping chocolate fountain. Standing 9.3 meters tall, this is now the world's highest chocolate fountain, melting chocolate over the symbolic Lindor ball. Ernst Tanner, president of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation describes this monument as "the centerpiece of the Lindt Home of Chocolate" that pays tribute to the wordly famous Lindor truffles.

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What's more, you can create your own masterpieces by participating in a chocolate making course. Whether you want to try your hand at making a chocolate bar, or even go a step further and make some luxurious pralines and truffles - you can give it a shot there. This activity will give you a deep look into the world of chocolatery.

Finally, if you want to walk away with some treats, then this facility also holds the largest Lindt chocolate shop in the world! Go and create your own chocolate bar, design the packaging, and get a very personalized souvenir or a unique tasty gift.

Unlike the golden ticket in Willy Wonka's factory - this visit doesn't come at a golden price. You can enjoy this museum at a starting price of 13 for adults, and children below the age of 7 get to enter for free! This experience will appeal to people of all ages since, when it comes to chocolate, we all feel like a little child again.