30 destinations for travellers on a serious budget this summer
Posted on 28/03/2017


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Whether you're a sun-seeker or an intrepid explorer, jetting off overseas is still more than possible, provided you know where to go...

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  • Crete

    A tapestry of splendid beaches and ancient treasures, Crete is gorgeous and doesn't cost a bomb either. From walking the cliffs and canyons to exploring Europe's longest gorge, there's no shortage of things to do. If you're a foodie, a feast awaits - rural tavernas often produce their own meat, cheese, olive oil, raki and wine, as well as catching their own seafood.

  • Bali

    Blissful Bali evokes thoughts of paradise. Promoted as both beautiful and reasonable in terms of what you spend when you arrive, Bali's white sands and untouched jungle have long attracted visitors from far and wide. The sun-drenched beaches around Kuta make for a popular location, and its easy accessibility from Denpasar International is yet another plus.

  • Mexico

    If you're simply looking for good value for money, Mexico is an excellent choice. Popular beach resort destinations like Cancun and Cabo can quickly become very pricey, but you can make your money go further in equally attractive but more understated beach towns such as Tulum, Puerto Escondido, Zihuatenejo, and Mazatlan.

  • Berlin

    Gritty and glamorous, Berlin was voted this spring's best city for budget travellers. Bursting at the seams with culture, the city steeped in history is a feast for the eyes along with the tastebuds and ears, thanks to its vibrant music scene. Bring on the techno!

  • South Africa
    South Africa

    South Africa is a safari superpower. A definite trip for the bucket list, the opportunity to see lions on the kill or black rhinos on a pilgrimage is not to go amiss. Its ethereal landscapes are infused by its prolific wildlife - and not at a ridiculous cost either. Avoid the main parks and luxury lodges of places like Kruger and opt for a lesser known safari trip to keep costs down. One of the finest glasses of Sauvignon Blanc you are likely to have will only set you back around £1.50.


Visiting your dream destination doesn't always have to come with a huge price tag, sometimes all it takes is a bit of tactical choice. From city breaks to paradise islands, we've lined up our top 30 affordable destinations that should be on the cards for this summer's getaway.

Whether you're entertaining the idea of exploring the sprawling beaches or rolling hills of the UK, or are seeking to go a little further afield, we have the selection for you. Whether it's munching on some toasted plantain in Nicaragua, or having a splash in Budapest's thermal baths, the options are endless.

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