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Cheers! The 2019 Madeira Wine Festival starts in 9 days
Posted on 16/08/2019


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The famous Madeira Wine Festival, one of the most popular events on the island, starts in just nine days! It's the perfect occasion to celebrate the precious drink surrounded by music, traditions and numerous festivities.

The festival celebrates the island's precious nectar

The festival celebrates the island's precious nectar
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The Madeira Wine Festival takes place during harvest, starting on August 25 and lasting until September 8. Locals and visitors have been gathering every year since the '70s to pay tribute to wine, recreating the ancient traditions of the island, a 500-year-old wine producing region. Avenida Arriaga, the central and historic promenade of Funchal, Madeira's largest city, will soon be filled with exhibitions, parades, and other amzing activities around the art of wine-making.

Of course, guests will be able to sample typical wines produced in the region while partying, dancing and enjoying the event just like locals. There are other cultural events happening during the Madeira Wine Festival such as the European Folklore Week, a three-day celebration where visitors can see traditional dances and listen to the sounds of traditional music performed by various folklore groups and local bands. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the different ethnicities and cultures of the island.

The Wine Harvest Festival, the last and probably most important celebration of all, will take place on September 7, and all visitors are welcome to accompany locals to Estreito de Camara de Lobos, a charming village in Madeira. The harvest will take place on a nearby farm and will be followed by a parade with various folklore and ethnographic performances. It's the perfect event if you enjoy music, traditions, regional cuisine and a party!

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