Posted on 23/09/2015

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Modobag creates first ride-on hand luggage

Modobag, invented by Kevin O'Donnell, is the world's first motorized carry-on luggage piece that enables customers to arrive at their destination three times faster than walking

Modobag weighs just 20 pounds when empty and has room for up to 85 percent of luggage stored in a standard hand luggage item. The idea is that the Modobag is mounted and ridden around airports or other various other destinations and, for this reason, is capable of holding customers of up to 200 pounds but the Modobag Max model is also available, reaching a maximum weight of 260 pounds. The product's maximum speed is eight miles per hour and it can go for six miles before it needs to be recharged. It comes with a GPS tracking device fitted and two USB ports so that customers can charge their iPhones, iPods, iPads or other electronic devices.

Inspiration for the device


The idea for the device first came to Kevin O'Donnell whilst in an airport when various children kept riding around on his suitcase. It suddenly dawned on him that having a motorized suitcase would be revolutionary and he began to make designs for the product as soon as he reached his destination.

Modobag have also paired with PackPoint, the new app that advises customers what to pack according to their travelling destination. Prices for the Modobag currently start at $999 for the Modobag and $1299 for the Modobag Max. See full video for bag here.