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Communist theme park opens in China
Posted on 09/10/2015


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The Chinese government has opened a new theme park in Wuhan, Hubei province, which details the history of China's communist rule.

A new theme park has opened in Wuhan, China, to commemorate the creation of the People's Republic of China. 'Red Tourism' has become increasingly popular in the past few years, as President Xi Jinping pushes for "socialist core values" to be recognised and encouraged.

Communist entertainment

Communist entertainment
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The three million-square-foot educational park opened in conjunction with the country's Golden Week, a seven-day public holiday to mark China's National Day, which commenced on October 1. The controversial theme park has only a few attractions, including Communist artworks and pieces of party propaganda promoting prosperity, democracy, harmony, patriotism and dedication.

Those hoping to find fun rides and Mickey Mouse will have come to the wrong place, with the main attractions includign 29 plastic statues of celebrated communist figures and 100 character biographies to accompany them. The park is carefully divided into different interactive activity and experience areas, including a large square where students and youths can officially take the oath of becoming a party member.

Theme parks have become a prominent part of Chinese society in recent years with the emergence of an increasingly wealthy middle class. Amongst others, a huge Disney resort is due to open its doors in 2016 and Universal Studios will follow with a Beijing theme park in 2019.

The Wuhan propaganda department has been exceptionally organised to ensure people of all ages can tour the park to soak up a little communist ideology. "The designers of the park calculated that the elderly, middle-aged, young adults and children would all be able to identify with the core values of socialism," said the park's designers.


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