In photos: the magic of China's apricot blossom in spring
Posted on 29/05/2016


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We've all seen endless beautiful pictures of Japan covered in cherry blossom in spring, but what many of us have missed is a very similar phenomenon happening just across the East China Sea...

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  • China's magical apricot blossom
    China's magical apricot blossom

Every spring, the green hills of northern China are covered in a layer of pink flowers as the region's apricot trees burst into blossom. Not far from the border with Kazakhstan, the blossoming trees reach as far as the eye can see, offering a fantastic opportunity for keen photographers.

Lesser known than the sakura, the famous Japanese cherry blossom which inundates the country with pink petals every spring, the best place to see China's blossom is the Apricot Valley in Yili, tucked away in a remote northern area of Xinjang province.

Yili holds the largest apricot forest in the province, attracting many visitors to witness the blossom every year. According to China Tour Advisors, the peak season runs from June 1 to September 30, when the valley bursts into life.


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