Posted on 17/06/2016

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The cities offering the cheapest travel deals this summer

Summer travel can often feel like someone is whacking your bank account in the gut repeatedly with a crowbar. But it doesn't have to be that way...

Let's be clear. These cities may not all make for the best destinations to visit in the height of summer but they will give you the best value for money. That said, you'll find that most of them offer an eclectic mix of summer activities, from beautiful central parks to a calendar packed full of festivals. All that's left to do is book those cheap flights...

Paris, France

Boston, US

As always, you'll find more than one low-cost option to Boston this summer. Well known for its cheap flights, the city awaiting you on arrival is packed with history and offers a perfect base for exploring the stunning scenery of New England. - / Marco D Brockmann

Dublin, Ireland

Seattle, US

Another famously cheap city to get to, Seattle comes into its own during the summer months. It may still bucket down every now and again, but you're guaranteed long evenings to enjoy the city's chic bars and warm days to discover its picturesque surroundings. - Jonathan Miske/Flickr

Cancun, Mexico

Prices may shoot up at spring break but a summer-time trip to Mexico's Caribbean coast won't cost you the Earth. We're talking beautiful beaches, empty hotels and a nightlife that doesn't know when to say when. - Vladimir Korostyshevskiy / 123RF

Chicago, US

It may not have a reputation for being particularly cheap, but thanks to increased competition between airlines the Illinois capital is enjoying exceptionally low prices this year. Head straight out to Lake Michigan to make the most of the summer rays or chow down on the city's famous pizza offering. - Ferrantraite / iStock

Oslo, Norway

It's clean, efficient and effortlessly chic. Luckily, this year, there are also some fantastic deals on offer from European carriers such as Wow Air. Alleviated from the heavy Scandinavian winter, the locals come out of their shells during the summer months, giving the capital a wonderful buzz. - Pl-Kristian Hamre/Flickr

Washington DC, US

Still haven't sampled all that the US capital has to offer? This summer's lower-than-usual prices mean you can get there for cheap and make the most of its endless pillared museums, including the Smithsonian Institute. - Aleksander Mirski / iStock

Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian capital also storms in as one of Europe's cheapest destinations this year. In fact, the cheapest flight ever actually lands at its Charleroi Airport. Despite the opinions of a particular presidential candidate, the city is a fantastic place to visit in summer, with cafs and shops lining picturesque squares. - Leonid Andronov / 123RF

Dallas, US

According to Kayak, Dallas flights have dropped a whopping 26% in price compared with 2015. As Texas's cultural hub, there are an infinite number of free activities to enjoy, including the incredible 68-acre Dallas Arts District. Needless to say, prepare for the heat. - Wasin Pummarin / 123RF

Vancouver, Canada

This British Colombian jewel is a delight for summer visitors and airfares are decidedly on the way down. Even flying into Seattle, a three-hour drive away, could give you a cheap way to access the city. Once you're there, outside is the only place to be - whether enjoying the city's lively streets or its stunning surroundings. - Lijuan Guo / 123RF

Miami, US

Miami and nearby Fort Lauderdale are constantly vying for the cheapest airfares in Florida. But at just 25 miles apart, it makes little difference which you fly into. Book the cheaper of the two options and prepare for some fun in the summer sun. - Daniel Reichert/Flickr

Stockholm, Sweden

Probably holding the cheapest tickets of all the Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm oozes cool. Fly in with a low-cost carrier like Wow Air, though expect to pay a little more for accommodation and food. - Jack Wallsten/Flickr

Cleveland, US

With airfares 22% cheaper than they were last year, there's never been a better time to visit this Ohioan city. With a fantastic sports offering and a growing arts scene, Cleveland will give you all the culture without the kitsch. - Kenneth Sponsler / 123RF

The cities of Costa Rica

This is Caribbean paradise at its best. Airfares here have also been dropping, with continued competition from several American airlines. From verdant jungle to turtle nest-lined beaches, Costa Rica will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. - kansasphoto/Flickr

Atlanta, US

With a drop of 20% on airfares, Atlanta is one of the best travel deals around this summer. Packed with American history, ringing with concerts and art exhibitions, this city might be an underdog but it'll fight the hardest to win your heart. - Sean Pavone / 123RF