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Find the perfect holiday based on your couple type
Posted on 27/04/2017


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"Every couple is different" they always say, and we couldn't agree more when it comes to holidays. There are those who'd like to get lost in a jungle adventure together, those who enjoy basking in the sun together, some prefer a few drinks and a spot of dancing together and others choose to explore a whole new city together. Whatever type of couple you are, here are the best destinations to head to for your next couple's retreat.

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  • The two adventurers: Costa Rica
    The two adventurers: Costa Rica

    To all those couples out there who are looking for a bit of excitement during their holidays with action-packed days filled to the brim with thrilling activities - Costa Rica is for you. Live the 'pura vida' and get lost in the lush green rainforest, swing down zip lines and stay in a treehouse hotel. Discover some of the world's most diverse wildlife at the same time as white-water rafting down river rapids or getting up close to an active volcano.

  • The real romantics: Santorini
    The real romantics: Santorini

    If romance is on the agenda, honeymoon or not, Santorini is the perfect place to be. This Greek island paradise is known for its picturesque hillside villages of cobbled streets and white-washed houses domed by sky blue rooves. This island caters almost exclusively to couples, with infinity pool hotels and tables-for-two in idyllic restaurants. And naturally it is the place to find Greece's finest sunset.

  • The sun worshipers: Bahamas
    The sun worshipers: Bahamas

    If basking in the sun and catching that all important tan is on the agenda for you both, then the Bahamas is the place to be. With its glorious weather all year round there is never a moment you can't lie out, lounging in the heat and soaking up those sun rays. In the Bahamas you can do this in an atmosphere of utter tranquility and serenity, and afterwards why not take a dip into the cleanest water on the planet. Whether it's at the beach or by the pool, on a chaise lounges or towel, boat or hotel, there is always going to be a way to get that vitamin D fix.

  • The active twosome: New Zealand
    The active twosome: New Zealand

    There are couples out there who just never stop, and all that energy could go down a treat during a trip to New Zealand. It is home to some of the world's most diverse and beautiful landscapes which makes it the perfect lovers' getaway. Whether it's skydiving, jet boating, or mountain hiking there is so much action taking place on these islands. You can stay in anything from five-star hotels to cosy farm retreats to budget lodgings - just be prepared for a lot of activities!

  • The couple of beach bums: Bali
    The couple of beach bums: Bali

    Bali is a beach bum's dream, especially if you are travelling there as a couple. Spend the days doing beach yoga, beach massages, sunbathing on the many white sandy beaches, catching the waves and finishing the day off at a beach bar. It is the best place to spend the holiday rolling around in the sand and taking in the true splendour of island life.