Top 10 alternative romantic destinations


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There's no arguing with the charming 'City of Love' or the gondolas galore in Venice, but here are 10 of our suggestions for an alternative romantic holiday.

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  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
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    Lake Bled, Slovenia

    Lake Bled and its sibling lake Lake Bohinj exude an otherworldly ambiance that will make you feel as though you've stepped into another time. The former's castle-studded shore will take your breath away, and you and your other half will adore Slovenia's understated charm.

  • Bali
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    Blissful Bali is a little further afield, but worth every minute of the journey. From sun-bleached beaches to lush rice paddies, the backdrop is synonymous with romance.

  • Hvar, Croatia
    © Rostislav Sedlacek/123RF
    Hvar, Croatia

    Often left trailing in the shadows of the Côte d'Azur, Hvar is a Dalmatian diamond. The terracotta cityscape is fringed by a sapphire sea, and from its shimmering harbour to a bounty of surrounding islands, there's no shortage of things to do and see.

  • Bergamo, Italy
    © Martin Molcan/123RF
    Bergamo, Italy

    Northeast of Milan, Bergamo is an idyllic alternative Italian escape. Its old town, the Città Alta, serves as a hilltop opposite to its more modern counterpart lying below. The incredible panoramic views paired with picturesque cobblestone streets really provides stiff competition against bustling Florence or jam-packed Rome.

  • Monterey, California
    © jejim/123RF
    Monterey, California

    Hugging California's shimmering shore, Monterey is the ideal romantic destination for couples. With the sea at the heart of the region's mantra, you can marvel at an impressive variety of sea life along the coast before exploring the historic quarter's winding gauntlets.


Whether you'd like the bells of Florence's Duomo to echo those of your own wedding, or are simply seeking a quick getaway with your loved one, there are a whole host of obvious choices. Paris, la ville lumière, emanates a timeless romantic charm, whilst Rome is fabulous for a taste of amore al italiano . But what if you're looking to get off the grid a little?

From the glimmering Dalmatian coast to alternative destinations for intrepid explorers that have a penchant for adventure, we've lined up 10 off-beat romantic destinations. They'll have you asking yourself: Venice where?

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Rosie Giorgi
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