Delta hit with $10k lawsuit as aubergine sauce 'breaks' passenger's teeth

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Unfortunately in our day and age, news of passengers suing airlines is becoming more and more common, whether that be for unexplained flight delays and cancellations or unacceptable treatment of passengers on board the flight. But this week TMZ broke a slightly more bizarre reason behind a lawsuit brought against an air carrier.

Delta is hit with a lawsuit ... again

Delta is hit with a lawsuit ... again
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The airline in question is Delta which has become notorious throughout the industry for its fair share of lawsuits and scandal, with many of the stories making global headlines. Back in 2015 a man sued the airline for being pricked by a needle that was left in a seat pocket and more recently in April, Delta was accused of forcefully removing a man from one of their over-booked flights which provoked widespread outrage.

After the incident Delta offered her mere $80 worth of airline miles in the form of compensation, but she has since decided to file a lawsuit against the airline. The lawsuit is claiming $9,999.99 to cover the treatment costs for the complex dental work and restoration that the woman has had to undergo. Currently Delta has made no official response to a lawsuit which will no doubt put them in the firing line yet again.

The unsuspecting passenger purchased an in-flight snack of pitta bread accompanied by an aubergine hummus sauce. Upon biting into her food, she immediately cried out in pain as a stone or pebble in the sauce had broken her teeth. Ever since this incident, the woman has required complex dental treatment due to the extensive nerve damage caused by the stone.

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However this particular incident allegedly took place two years ago on a flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles, when a Californian woman broke her teeth whilst biting into an in-flight snack. The damage caused lead to her needing two years of extensive dental surgery and now it is being reported that she is planning to sue the airline.

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