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London Underground to turn blue and gold
Posted on 07/12/2015

TransportUnited Kingdom

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Bored of those greying tiled walls and black, smokey tunnels? Never fear, Transport for London is working on designs for a new and improved face for London's Tube stations.

Transport for London (Tfl) has released designs for revamped Tube stations across London. The images highlight a blue and gold colour scheme, with more neutral lighting and brighter escalator portals. According to the transport company, the designs are meant to "represent London's rich heritage and contemporary culture," while providing "simple, clean and uncluttered spaces" for customers.

New interior

New interior

A detailled spec was given to designers at the beginning of the process, including nine principles ranging from 'delight and surprise' and to 'considering wholeness.' These principles were also discussed at the 'Transported by Design' event series which was hosted by Tfl and the London Transport Museum.

Full plans for the revamped underground stations were given a Gold Award for Proposed Architecture at this year's Design Awards. They are currently on display to the public at Southwark Underground Station.

Varied platform structure

Varied platform structure

The exact date for the station makeovers is still to be announced but developers are hoping to integrate the new designs over the next couple of years. The main design differences include more subtle lighting around the stations to create a softer atmosphere, clearer lighting around the tube signs making navigation easier around the stations, and more spacious escalators and stairs.

There will also be a semi-circular canopy providing shelter for commuters outside the station and a huge mat to reduce the amount of dirt, grubbiness and dampness trodden in through the station doors. Tfl has also promised more integrated cycle parking for commuters.

Plans were also revealed earlier this year for driverless Tube trains. Instead of drivers, the trains will have operators patrolling carriages, but Tfl hopes even operators will be unnecessary by the mid 2020s. Along with driverless carriages, the new tubes will offer air-conditioning, walk-through carriages and wide doors.


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